About Us

PrivacyAid is a consulting company that provides a full suite of data protection and information security services across a variety of industry sectors.

How can we help you?

We work within organisations to reduce the burden of complying data protection laws and help them to attain the relevant industry standards and accreditations such as CyberEssentials, CyberEssentials Plus, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, DSP Toolkit and HIPAA.

How do we achieve this?

Our outsourced data protection officers integrate fully into your own team but remain 100 percent independent as the law demands. We offer a full range of training and data protection consultancy services on a fractional basis.

Our history

The business was founded by Claire Robinson, a Founder and Consultant who has been involved in delivering solutions and services for three decades. Claire has advised a broad range of organisations on the most effective strategies to meet their goals and holds a current IAPP CIPP/E and CIPP M qualification. Notably, Claire was responsible for the preparations for GDPR in the run up to May 2018 on behalf of London North West University Hospital Trust (NHS). She currently specialises in data protection and information security for the MedTech and Digital Sectors. 

PrivacyAid was founded in 2017 to help organisations make sense of the ever-evolving data protection legislation landscape, the steps they need to undertake to comply, and how compliance can be made into a feature in order to build trust, confidence, loyalty and win more clients.

PrivacyAid is a trading name of Prior Analytics Ltd.

Juno provides parents with peace of mind by connecting them to a specialist child healthcare adviser. Parents can download the Juno app and create a profile for their children. They can then start a live conversation with an available medical professional for reassurance in moments.

Lifelight is a game changing technology that allows any smartphone or tablet device to measure blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate simply by a patient looking into the device’s built-in camera for 40 seconds. Completely contactless, with no additional hardware needed, it saves NHS staff time while improving the patient experience.

Pando is the essential tool for teamwork & collaboration, providing health and social care professionals with tools to transform the way they work. With over 45,000 users, Pando is one of the UK’s leading clinical messaging systems and reduces reliance on bleeps, switchboard and WhatsApp with a secure, compliant, NHS Digital and England approved (and funded) tool that is specifically designed for healthcare and has proved invaluable in the pandemic.

Q doctor provide NHS GPs, CCGs, clinicians, urgent and emergency care providers, and hospitals with the technology needed to have safe, secure, easy to use video consultations with patients. Q doctor/Q health (MyMed Ltd) is now an NHS Digital and NHS England approved, centrally funded eConsultation supplier for the Covid-19 response.

Zenplans is an innovative tool that provides a single, accessible place for all paperwork and preferences for an individual to use in life, for others to have access to in order to help and advise in a professional capacity and to simplify probate after an individual dies.  The platform works for both families and professional advisers to deepen client relationships and simplify estate and financial planning.

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