Firebrand Data Protection Overview

Data Security and Protection Overview Introduction Welcome… The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is the most important change in data protection law in over 20 years. We now have powerful processing devices sitting in the palms of our hands (mobiles, tablets, laptops) and the computing power to process billions of pieces of data in … Read More

Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design Introduction Designed for those who are key decision-makers in the development of software, systems and practices, this course will give you the knowledge to design with privacy and data protection in mind. Simply put Privacy by Design is about integrating privacy and data protection seamlessly into the core of your software, from the code … Read More

Coping with Ransomware and Phishing at Home and at Work

Coping with Ransomware and Phishing at Home and at Work Introduction This short, accessible course introduces individuals to the perils of ransomware and phishing attacks, and reinforces what should be aware of to help prevent attacks. Both at home, and in the workplace, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to an attack … Read More

Understanding the Risk and Importance of Email Misuse for Data Protection

Understanding the risk and importance of email misuse for Data Protection INTRODUCTION Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a data breach occurs when personal information is disclosed without the appropriate authorisation. The GDPR requires there to be a lawful reason for processing personal data which means that the simplest error can result in data … Read More

GDPR Staff Training

This training pack has been designed to help you take comprehensive and relevant learning, without paying for external trainers or reoccurring user licence fees. Our training packages take into consideration all learning styles, including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic; and utilise materials and techniques such as interactions, handouts, discussions and assessments to ensure a successful learning … Read More