Outsourced Data Protection Officer

PrivacyAid is a consulting company that provides a full suite of data protection and information security services across a variety of industry sectors.

Outsourced Data Protection Services

PrivacyAid offers outsourced DPO services on a ‘fractional’ basis, meaning that we decide between us the number of hours or days per month that your organisation requires. As part of our service, you will have a dedicated DPO who is registered with the ICO and who becomes fully involved with your busines to become a wholly integrated and reliable resource for your team. Our contract allows for total flexibility so you may contract your DPO for one day per month but then top up that level should you need further help with a specific project, such as completing a new Data protection impact assessment or needing to complete a security questionnaire as part of a bid process.

PrivacyAid will:

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