Claire Robinson

Claire has over 20 years of data experience. Her instrumental role in launching GoldMine CRM into the UK marketplace led her to launch her first company, Prior Analytics that designs systems to be secure by ‘design and default’ and have challenged organizations to keep their data clean, minimal and secure for the last two decades. When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was announced Claire worked even harder to provide Prior Analytics' clients with the appropriate compliance framework, and data management. Adapting to the new regulations Claire has undertaken an array of qualifications including, a GDPR Practitioner exam, ITL Foundation and IAPP membership with a current CIPP/E.

Hannah Robinson

Hannah began working with Prior Analytics & GDPR Tools in November 2017. With experience in digital marketing & design alongside her practical knowledge of GDPR and CRM systems, Hannah's role is to oversee and manage our own and clients websites & digital marketing platforms. Hannah also assisted in developing and bringing to market our GDPR toolkit. Hannah is always on hand to engage with clients and help them in all areas of their compliance journey.

Stacey Néville

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