Website Compliance

Are you aware that the GDPR requires your website to be compliant with this European privacy regulation?

GDPR & your website compliance

No matter where your business is based or where it operates, if EU citizens can access your website, GDPR applies. However, the GDPR isn’t going to stop people in the EU from visiting your site, nor will you have to make extensive changes.

Website compliance will not only help protect you from a data breach, but it will also show your website visitors and customers that you care about there data and build trust with between your business and its customers.

Read below to find out how to make changes to your website, and how we can help you on your journey to compliance.

Website Compliance Toolkits

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GDPR and Your Website Toolkit

Our GDPR and Your Website Toolkit aids in compliance with data protection laws. Many organisations have used our tool kit to strengthen their websites and promote data compliance.  

Contact us to get your website audit and toolkit.


Compliant Websites eLearning

Our ‘how to make websites GDPR compliant’ eLearning will give you the knowledge on changes you will need to make, and how to implement them.

This is a great course for business owners and web designers.

This course is available bespoke or per user.

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Website Audit & Consultancy

The first step when looking change your website to comply with the GDPR is to complete a site audit.

We offer a full audit of your website. This includes a comprehensive review by a CIPP/E Certified GDPR Practitioner and a consultation. We’ll also provide you with a breakdown of your results.

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